The electrical and mechanical tests are made according to technical standards, to customers’ requests and to TI.CA.’s data sheets and are constantly carried out on the daily production.

The final tests, besides, when required, can make in the laboratory in co-operation with the customers.

The laboratory equipment is regularly checked and calibrated by primary approved and certified samples from the main domestic trustworthy centers (SIT).

The TI.CA. technical tests generally include:

  • ageing in climate cold and hot cooms;
  • tension;
  • fire resistance;
  • insulation resistance;
  • electrical resistance of the conductor (Ohm/Km);
  • flame resistance;
  • dielectric strength;
  • resistance to break-down;
  • impedance;
  • capacitance;
  • inductance
  • attenuation;
  • resistance tests inside a chain cable holder;
  • any further special tests according to customer’s request.


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