Wire drawing and stranding

The conductor’s insulation and the final jackets are made by automatic extrusion lines and during the process the most modern technologies and machinery check the electrical strength, the diameter by laser rays, the wall thickness and the eccentricity


Extrusion and strumentation

In the twisting lines the different machines are planned for assembling from 2 up 56 conductors of various types and diameters.


Stranding machines

In the manufacturing lines to make the braid and spiral shields TI.CA. can produce many different kinds of shield: with copper wires of various diameter, with coloured aluminium tape, non-woven tape, Kevlar and polypropylene of different colours.


Shielding and spiral machines

The modern technologies and the other auxiliary machineries on the processing lines are planned in order to achieve the final cable according to the Customers’ request.


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