The TI.CA. cables are:


  • Flexible cables screened and unscreened (LiYY and LiYCY);
  • Multipair analogic and digital audio cables;
  • Combinated audio-video and sub cameras cables;
  • Broadcasting video cables;
  • Instrument audio-video cables;
  • Loud speaker cables;
  • Microphone and starquad cables;
  • 110 and 120 Ohm cables;
  • AES/EBU cables;
  • Home theatre O.F. cables;
  • Hi-Fi car cables;
  • Umbilical cables for instrumentation;
  • Coaxial and triaxial cables;
  • RG cables for MIL normative and not;
  • Halogen free and hight temperature cables;
  • Cables on custormer’s specifications.


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